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RockTenn (NYSE: RKT) is one of North America's leading providers of packaging solutions and manufacturers of containerboard and paperboard. RockTenn's 26,000 employees are committed to exceeding their customers' expectations - every time. The company operates locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Since its founding in 1936, RockTenn has focused on low-cost paperboard and packaging products and services that bring high value to its customers, employees and investors.

RockTenn's businesses are aligned to:

  1. help customers more easily access it's full line of products and services
  2. simplify its operations
  3. build on the company's exceptional capabilities to serve customers

RockTenn operates two main industry segments:

  1. Paper Solutions
  2. Packaging Solutions

The Paper Solutions business encompasses operations of 24 paper mills including 9.3 million tons of containerboard and paperboard production capacity, sales of containerboard, paperboard and pulp, and a 7 million ton recycling business.

  • 13 containerboard mills
  • 1 virgin solid bleached sulphate and bleached market pulp mill
  • 5 coated recycled paperboard mills
  • 4 uncoated recycled boxboard mills
  • 1 gypsum mill
  • 24 recycle facilities

The Packaging Solutions business ships 100 billion square feet of packaging from more than 150 corrugated packaging, folding carton, partition and merchandising display facilities. Customers' needs will be served through the creativity of more than 350 designers coupled with the production expertise of our manufacturing co-workers and the technical capabilities of packaging team members from across the company.

  1. 98 North American corrugated converting facilities
  2. 21 folding carton plants
  3. 7 merchandising display manufacturing plants + 3 digital production centers
  4. 11 assembly facilities
  5. 15 RTS locations
  6. Sales and design offices
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